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14981830_smFor over three decades, Sunrise Media has been recognized in the community as leaders in integrated strategic development and respected for a unique ability to deliver compelling results. We are an organized, cohesive team, specializing in media planning, buying and campaign execution, social media, digital and experiential marketing. We strive to meet defined campaign goals and deliver cost efficient and effective media plans. Our peers respect us for the efforts we make on behalf of our clients.

Once positioned as media buyers of traditional media (radio, TV, print and outdoor), we have evolved to better reflect the changing advertising environment. Technologies are changing every aspect of the media’s marketing tools. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only keep up with the changes but to stay in front of them and guide clients forward and to create opportunities that help them realize success with each initiative. We feel as though we can successfully demonstrate our ability to help your team clearly and effectively communicate your message to the public with our available research, awareness of media’s inclusion of new technologies into their business models and our understanding of inventory controls within each medium. We are well equipped to be your advocate when launching new campaigns.

We believe that campaigns have a beginning, middle and an end. Our beginning is Development/Communication; Our middle is Researching, Planning, Buying and Monitoring and our end is Measurement, Metrics, Tracking, Reporting and Reconciling.